About Us

Why join us?

  1. We have many years of experience with restaurant and catering web portals
  2. We offer discounted presentation packages
  3. We enable your restaurant and daily menu to be found online
  4. We can create a presentation and provide you with professional support
  5. We take pictures of your establishment at no charge 
  6. Of course, Android and iPhone have mobile applications

What can we offer you?

  1. Access to your establishment’s administrative office and the option for your details to be updated independently
  2. We can create a web address for you as URL obedvmeste.sk\your_establishment
  3. automatic forwarding of the daily menu to your restaurant’s Facebook page
  4. promotion of your events (Autumn Goose Feast, St. Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve and others)
  5. parametric designing of your daily menu with your establishment’s logo
  6. emailing of your daily menu, XML feed and forwarding of the menu in HTML

What does a complete presentation contain? 

  1. establishment name, address, contact details, website, Facebook
  2. opening hours, photo gallery and virtual tour
  3. daily menu, standard menu, full menu and drinks menu
  4. exact location of your establishment on Google Maps
  5. type of food and furnishings at your establishment
  6. unlimited number of events in various languages