Anxiety and food

Hi guys!
How are you doing today?
Hungry? And thinking: ‘ohhhh ,my! What can Ieat?’ OR ‘what should I eat? I’m on a diet!!!!’
Well, I think youl should stop and feel what your body wants. Not just what your mouth wants to feel  like the taste of sweet flavours.

‘Oh... but how do I know that? Where can we buy a machine that tells us that?’

No need of a machine because the “machine” is your own body. Let’s say.... our body is like a temple. It’s sacred and it deserves the best we can give to it especially respect!

Then I have a question: would you throw rubbish in a sacred place? We all know that a sacred place has to be clean, cozy and  comfortable to anyone who’s in there.

Having our bodies as a temple, each one of us know what is good for them or not. But what makes us forget that and start eating junk food as there’s no tomorrow? AS it’s the end of the world and we won’t be able to eat those things ever again?

Well, wel, well... how’s your emotional life? Did you have any disappointment or  annoyance or just feel lost?

Also we have another point here... how do you eat? Do you eat fast? Do you chew the food properly and slowly?

How much sugar do you eat a day? Oh... you have no idea because you haven’t  thought about it ever?

How is your anxiety? Have you been feeling anxious more than usual?

When we start realizing what we feel we are able to control our craving (except on women’s PMS which is a little bit more difficult but not impossible).

The anxiety is the people’s biggest issue nowadays! It’s worldwide! According  to WHO Brazil (where I am from) has around 10% of the population suffering from anxiety. The worst scenario in the world.

And what food has to do with that?

The answer is EVERYTHING! I mean, the quality of the food we eat and the quality of sleep and physical activity.

Sugar is one of the bad guys that worsen the anxiety. As much sugar (including seets, desserts, biscuits etc)we consume more of it we want.  And that becomes a never ending cycle.

Sugar is stimulating, our brain  cannot relax even when our body screams for rest!

When we start having a balanced meal which includes vegetables, legumes, fruits, meat  or chicken  or pork or eggs, beans , good quality olive oil, rice (rice and beans are the traditional food in Brazil), less fried food, less sugar and drink more water, we start feeling a lot better, the body gets less swolen, the sleep improves and in some cases people stop snoring (this is fantastic, isn’t it?).

Then we start feeling motivated to start a physical activity. The one that most pleases us like walking, running, working out at the gym, pilates (I’m a super fan of it), basketball.etc.

Another key point is breathing!!! Breathing using the diaphragm is very helpful and the feeling of lack o fair gets better.

How much water should we drink a day? That depends on how much you wieigh. You can multiply your weigh by 35 ml. The result is the amount of water you should drink every day.

Example: 46 kg x 35 ml = 1610 ml

I wish you all who suffer from anxiety think of changing your nutritional habits and improve your lifestyle and feel a lot better every single day of your life.

We do not need to stop eating everything we love, we just need some adjustment and balance.

Be well!